About Us

Kadva Patidar Samaj of New England

Shree Kadwa Patidar Samaj was formed in USA by its members who are originally from Saurashtra region of Gujarat in India. We believed that the unity of our members would give us strength to promote and preserve our cultural identity. We believe very strongly in education and family values and our youth are among the most educated professionals and independent entrepreneurs in USA.

From the 60's Kadwa Patidars started living in America. All the Kadwa Patidar families living in the large country of America are keeping in touch with each other. They share a common brotherhood under the roof of Kadwa Patidar Samaj of North America, thus maintaining our community’s traditions and dynamism. Dr. Mafatlal Patel past editor of DHARTI monthly magazine of Ahmedabad recently published a well known book called "Overseas Patidars" in which detailed information of Kadwa Patidars settled in USA appears.


  • Unite our members to give us strength
  • Promote traditional cultural and religious activities
  • Promote and encourage education
  • Promote family values
  • Encourage youth to actively integrate and participate in all events
  • Encourage and improve communications among members
  • Promote good healthy living style
  • Encourage awareness of environmental issues

Current Activites

The aim of the Samaj was to instil in our members, our cultural and religious values which are the strength behind our integrity and success, hoping our children will carry on these values for their future generation in spite of the integration of the Western way of life.

To keep our social and cultural traditions alive among members particularly in the new generation of the Samaj from the year of its formation held several functions during the year were held at various school halls in CT. This included Diwali gathering, Navratri festival ,and Picnics.